Mattaliano Electric & Automation
 Hollister, CA 95023


Phone: 408 460-7695



24 hour emergency service and technical support


Remote technical support - Our employees will advise you on all aspects of planning and implementation. 

Customer Testimonials

"Mattaliano Electric & Automation has done my electrical work for years. They’re the only company I rely on to have the technical control panels I need engineered!


"Our company went through several electricians trying to repair VFD's for our conveyor line with no luck. We found through a friend Giovanni with Mattaliano Electric & Automation.  He came out and fixed the problem within an hour. The previous electricains had stated that a vfd had gone bad and needed to be replaced. Turns out Giovanni Was able to troubleshoot a bad power supply.We lost our control circuit he replaced the 24 volt power supply,and we were up and going. Thanks Giovanni!


"We are delighted to have worked with Mattaliano Electric & Automation. They fitted all of the electrical installations and technical automation for our bottling line and temperature control for our storage tanks in our winery!