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About Us

 Mattaliano electric was founded in 2007 by Giovanni Mattaliano. Giovanni has 20+ years in trade he is a CA certified general journeyman electrician and has been since 2003 &​ licensed electrical contractor  since 2007: From Industrial, Commercial, Residential. Due to economic hard ships in all aspects of the electrical trade industry and many other industries, that surprised the American economy in mid-2008. Mattaliano Electric's Focus had changed to a lesser competitive part of the electrical trade. Significantly the electrical trade industry lacks electricians possessing the knowledge and skills to engineer electrical controls and automation for industrial electrical applications. Mattaliano Electric is technically adept is this aspect of the electrical trade and strives to keep a strong focus generated on it. Mattaliano Electric has successfully commenced in work on industrial automation and controls from servo applications doing C++ programming and assembly code for older type servo systems, production lines, conveyer systems, cooling and heating chambers, Winery bottling lines:winery production facility machines: reverse osmosis systems:food processing applications. Incorporating many types of instrumentation and controls for multi-faceted pieces of equipment. As well as integrating VFD and PLC controls remote and standalone applications for electric pump motors, and many other types of motors for many different applications. We strive give you the absolute best electrical controls and programming that can be engineered to your unique specifications. Although we mainly try to go for the control and automation work, we like any other company do not turn down jobs. We also commence in the commercial electrical construction part of the trade from building lighting to switch gear assembly power and distribution, transformers, parking lot lighting whole building electrical retrofits and remodels. Finally we will do residential projects. Whole house remodels: new construction projects: service upgrades: Spa Circuits: air conditioner circuits. Ups systems and isolated grounded circuits for computers etc.


Mattaliano electric has fair rates, Commences in top notch work.

Mattaliano Electric believes in the virtue that the customer is always right.

Mattaliano electric respects and honors the electrical code (NEC) and makes sure that it is not bent or broken.


Owner: Giovanni Mattaliano

Phone: 408 460-7695